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Sky Burial by Xinran!
ISBN: 978-0385515481

Lai Peen is a great fan of Xinran’s works…and this is one of her favourite reads….

What’s it about?:
Shu Wen spent many years looking for her lost husband after he disappeared in Tibet. She faced many difficulties in the wild mountains of Tibet but after spending more than 40 years there, she finally discovered that her husband had indeed died. She accepted the truth and went home to her province. Some people may think she was foolish to spend so many years looking for her husband in a region she knew nothing about, but I think the strength of her character is certainly admirable. I also find this story fascinating because it describes and explains the Tibetan cultural practice of ‘sky burial’.

What I liked:
The character I admire most in this novel is Shu Wen. I think she was very brave. It is not easy to leave your home to go to a strange land and live there for so many years. She did all this because of her love for her husband and her belief that he was still alive. She’s indeed the epitome of strength, determination and love.

What I’d change:
In Tibetan culture, when a person dies, his body is chopped into small pieces and fed to the birds high up on the mountain. If I could change one part of the story, it’d be the ending. I’d like Shu Wen to find her husband still alive. Then, they could return to their homeland together, or even remain in Tibet. However, this is a true story and not all true stories have happy endings. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in Tibetan culture and sad love stories.

Thanks so much for sharing with us your favourite read, Lai Peen! 🙂 **hugz** If you’d like to share yours too, please feel free to drop me an email at! 🙂

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  1. bunnyslave says:

    alamak… need to blog this meh? so pai-seh la.. i wrote this for my students.. as class work. not even sure if all the details are 100% accurate as it was done impromptu a year after i finished reading it…


  2. A Bookaholic says:

    dun paiseh lah…it's a review ma, means it's a personal opinion! 🙂 when u coming back again? drop me an email? oh…and i've decided! I'm gonna start on 'And then there were none' heheh


  3. Siti says:

    i'm a sucker for happy-ending, so i doubt i'll be picking up this book soon hehe.. but actually, i've recently learnt (after reading 'her fearful symmetry') that some stories are more beautiful with a different kind of endings..


  4. A Bookaholic says:

    Hey Siti! Thx for dropping by! Hey…u knw i've been contemplating for a looonnng while whether to get 'her fearful symmetry'! Was it good? Did you enjoy it??


  5. bunnyslave says:

    bookaholic! so glad u r starting on my fav book! tell me how it goes! hope u will enjoy it!!


  6. Siti says:

    with the high expectation following the success of the time traveller's wife, i'd say that her fearful symmetry didn't disappoint. i had enjoyed reading it. interesting topic that she had chosen to explore..


  7. A Bookaholic says:

    bunnyslave: completed liao hehe will be writing the review soon!Siti: thx! might grab a copy next time then! 🙂


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