Have Yourself A Little Fairytale Christmas! Happy Reading and Merry Christmas! #fairytales #adultfairytale #folklore #HansChristianAndersen @ahoffmanwriter @JaneYolen #PracticalMagicSeries #HowToFractureAFairyTale #TheSnowQueen

This Christmas, my mood called for fairytale-themed books, and being a fairytale lover, I already had a few in hand, and these were my choices. Honestly, this was a book-cover-buy. I mean, look at that illustration! And the story totally lived up to its beauty. (The illustrations are just as beautiful inside!) Easily slip into…

Jee’s #WWWWednesday!

It’s WWW Wednesday! What are you reading? What did you finish reading? What’s next?

Jee’s #SeptWrapUp!

Here is my September Wrap-Up! This time round I’ve also read ebooks, mostly ARCs though which reviews I’ll be posting closer to publication day. In addition to the 3 ARCs I’ve read, these are the rest of the books that have kept me company in September 😊 In no particular order: Clock Dance: A Novel…

WWW Wednesday

It’s time for…WWW Wednesday! I’m excited to read yours!