Victor’s Ghost Story


Victor, my crazy colleague and friend, and I were talking about religion over lunch and somehow it led to the ‘spiritual world’…Not that I had any encounters with ‘it’ before (thank God!),…but doesn’t mean that I don’t believe it it. Hey, I like watching ‘Ghost Whisperer’ =P and have always believed that ‘the other side’ exists 😛 So anyway…here is his story….

“It was 10 pm,…and I was cycling home (for whatever reason he was cycling home at that hour, I do not know, nor do I wanna know). Then all of a sudden, I felt like I hit into something, a white ‘thing’ but went past it. When I looked behind, there weren’t anything. Although I felt a slight chill, I still decided to continue to cycle home.

(The white ‘thing’ wasn’t the scary part. But it was scary enough for me. Anyway…he continued…)

“At night, when I was asleep, I kept seeing this white lady figure, with blood dripping from her eyes. And I kept waking up almost every hour, 2am, 3am and 4am. This continued for days. I was mortified, petrified, and scared shit (urm…not his exact words, but he did look that way when he was telling it to me haha =P)”

‘Why didn’t you tell someone about it?’ I interrupted. Thinking he was nuts to have let it continue for days.

“At first I thought it would go away. But it didn’t. So I decided to tell my mom about it. She decided to bring me to this famous Chinese temple, which was believed that its Gods were able to get rid of these ‘things’.”

I was thinking to myself, Wah…Chinese tokongs, sure can work or not…Anyways…he said…

“So, we went to this lady and she prayed for me lah.”

(Get prepared for this part!)

“As she prayed…all of a sudden….I heard tigers roaring!”

‘What the…??? Tigers??? Must be speakers lah…’ I told him. Half believing, half doubting. I mean, come on lah, tigers roaring? In a temple??

“Yeah. Tigers. At first I thought TV or something. Or maybe the tigers roaring nearby the temple. Coz the temple there, quite well known for tigers one…”

‘Oh, ya lah! Maybe!’ I happily agreed.

“But then….Later I asked my mom, if she heard the tigers or not…Then she asked me ‘what tigers?’ That was when I got shocked lah. Then she later explained to me, maybe it’s the guardian angels of the temple. Coz that temple is ‘guarded’ by white tiger ‘gods'”

I was thinking to myself, maybe this Victor imagine too much lah. I mean, he does have quite a strong imagination…But then, he continued,

“And I didn’t know at all, that those were the ‘gods’ which ‘guarded’ the temple.”

Wah lau…that means, can’t be his imagination!

‘So after that, you were cured?’

“Yeah, after that I was able to sleep well.”

Then we continued with his other friends’ ghost stories, which I thought, weren’t as interesting as his tiger god story. I’m now still quite freaked out by it, which is why I’m posting this up. Hoping that it would freak the rest of you too haha 😛

Have a freaky Monday!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Victor says:

    not dripping blood from the teeth la, its from her eyes la!


  2. A Bookaholic says:

    hahaha ok lor…made d changes liao lor….sorry lor 😛


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