An embarrassing confession


My little laptop my Bf gave me on my birthday, has gotten quite some attention. One even commented, ‘Wah…so rich ah. Can afford to buy new laptop for you sommore.’ If you don’t know us, you may think that we are some ‘rich’ couple. Even to me, if I were in your position, I’d think so too, considering that I know this couple has recently moved in to a new house, and is about to get married end of the year.

Truth to be told. We aren’t what you think we are, which was why I was greatly touched by my bf’s gesture. He has been saving for months to buy me this gift. And not only that. On my birthday, he took a day off, cleaned the entire house (I promised to do the cleaning with him but never got to do it…coz I’m always either tired, or have no time 😦 Oh gosh,…my excuses!!! this is so embarrassing….) and arranged the little surprise dinner for me.

My bf has been my pillar of strength till today. And he always believes in giving me the best of everything. Sometimes I wonder, what did I do, or have I done to deserve him? Take a look at some of my weaknesses…
1) I rarely do housework.
2) I’ve never cooked, except maggi mee. (with no extra ingredients. too much work =P)
3) I’m very careless, clumsy and forgetful.
4) I can’t fix anything.
5) I’m stubborn.
6) I’m temperamental. My mood swings are very scary 😛 (I know many people will second this)

[I think I should stop at no. 6. Would you still want to be my friend? I can see nobody’s gonna ever drop by this blog ever again…sob sob…]

Yet…he still loves me as I am. I feel so lucky. and happy. and blessed. Thanks dear for always being there for me and for always giving me the best of everything….

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