My Duplets!


Hahahaha I am so darn happy now….Went to Pavilion today with my aunt and parents, and guess what I got???? Look below!!!

Although they aren’t Moleskines, they are just as good, if not better than Moleskine. First, the cover is ‘prettier’ than Moleskine’s…Second, I love the paper texture (can’t compare to Moleskine’s coz I’ve not felt them before. But who cares?!). Third, they’re cheapER! I got them all for…RM26!! Yep. RM26 for TWO! (Oh yeah, just in case you’re still interested in getting Moleskine, the 25% discount offer is valid till 30th July I think. If not, head over to Tang’s in Pavilion! muahaha They are available in Purple, Yellow and Orange colours too ;))
Now, all I need is a good, nice pair of Artline pens 😉

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