Congratulations, my dear friend… :)

With perseverance and passion, comes great success.

Remember the story I told you about Alex, who now has his own album and band? (Click on the ‘Stories’ or ‘Videos’ tab to read about it) Guess what. I have another success story to share 🙂 Remember Victor, my friend who told the White Tiger ghost story? He finally got what he wanted. And I am extremely proud of him and happy for him 🙂

You see, he had always wanted to be in the advertising industry. As a friend, I didn’t know what to tell him. Coz firstly, I disliked it. No. Dislike isn’t accurate enough. Hate is more like it. And you don’t recommend something you hate to a friend, right? Secondly, I didn’t want him to be brutally ‘murdered’ by them. To me, everyone in that industry is very selfish and heartless. But after knowing him for awhile, and seeing his passion, I thought, maybe he should just go ahead with it.

So, he went for a few interviews, but he didn’t succeed at first. But you know, if you want something bad enough, you shouldn’t, ever, give up. And he didn’t.

One fine day, after I think, a few months later (Am I right ah, Vic?), this agency called him up. It’s not just ANY agency ok. It’s one of the ‘It’ agencies. And asked him if he’d like to go for a 2nd interview (yeah, the 1st time wasn’t successful, coz they thought he wasn’t experienced enough). So, he went. Then they said, they’ll contact him in 2 wks time because there were also considering the other 2 applicants.

Not wanting to rest on his laurels, he went back, and came up with this really cool design (Refer above. It’s his ISIS) and sent it off to THE agency, to prove he has some serious sh** to show and he is worth their ringgit and ‘sense’. (You see, this fella can be quite ‘cocky’ oso one haha =P). And since he wanted to also ‘flaunt’ his blardy talent at me, he emailed me his Isis. When I saw it, I knew for certain he had nailed the job.

And sure enough he did. THE agency called him the very next day and told him they wanted him 🙂 (FYI, this is all done in less than a week, when initially, they said they’d get in touch with him within the next 2 weeks.)

I was so so happy when I heard the news from him.

Well my dear friend, you’ve finally got what you wanted. And this is the beginning of the journey you’ve always been waiting for. Whether or not you reach your next destination, it all depends on you.

I wish you all the best and good luck 😉 Remember, never give up!

Ya lah ya lah,…I will continue to pray for you ok! 😛

(Now, I’m patiently waiting for another person’s success story. This lady’s dream, is to become a great singer. I mean, she already is. She’s like a flower waiting to bloom 🙂 I hope you’re reading this girl, cuz I know for sure, it’ll be your story that I’ll be posting up next ;))

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