Sorry…I’m a sucker for book sales đŸ˜¦ Plus, I’m a member…and members get additional perks for this one!!! *Sigh*…HOW TO RESIST SUCH TEMPTATIONS?! And I just bought two titles from the Borders’ Book Sales….*Double sigh*…and just two weeks ago, I bought another of murakami’s title…..*Triple longgggg sigh* I tell you, my books are more than my clothes you know!!! damnit

Any cure, anyone? (FYI, my hubby doesn’t help much…coz he’ll go ‘Ah, if you don’t buy now, don’t regret later, then say “aiyah,…shd hv bought the book. now i can’t help thinking about it.”‘ Few books and a few pages later, I would end up at the cashier!!!)

I think whenever I go to a bookstore or a book sales, my body gets possessed…shiet…

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