You know you’re a bookaholic when….

I’ve compiled a few interesting answers from my bookaholic friends hehe

1) you race against midget of a kid to get the first edition of the last harry potter installment with J.K. Rowlings’ signature at 5am on a Saturday! (*LOL!*)

2) when you choose a handbag based on whether it’s big enough to fit a book.

3) when you can shower without getting the book wet. –> i kowtow!

4) when “one more chapter” is the last thing you say to yourself before bed every night.

5) even when you’re so blardy exhausted, you still continue with your ‘one more chapter’ with one eye open….

6) you freak out seeing someone mishandling ANY books, even if it isn’t yours.

7) you go in with none, you come out with tonnes. (you knw what i’m refering to if you’re a bookaholic)

8) you can’t fall asleep at nite without reading first… sigh..

9) you spend quarter or half your salary on books, almost every month!

10) you could no longer control yourself from having to read all the 3 new titles you just bought, only ending up confused with all the 3 stories.

11) your other half highlights your addiction.

12) you’re always on the look out for more new materials haha

13) all you could think of while at work, is to go home to read the next page!

14) when you end up working at a book distribution company all because you want to be near books and get a good read everytime!

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