Books for your next vacation ;)

Oooo, I’m so excited about this ‘collection’ I just compiled! It’s called the ‘Sun, Sea and Sand Collection’ haha ๐Ÿ™‚ (The collection got its name from the titles and colours of the books)

Bring any one of them along to your next vacation ๐Ÿ˜‰

* Out of the Blue by Belinda Jones
This is great for chic lit lovers and those who already love Jones’ previous works such as Divas Las Vegas and The California Club. Selena Harper works on a luxury cruiseship and is whisked around the world from Alaska to Zanzibar, with adventures waiting for her in every port. Just like any adventures, this one fell onto her lap, out of the blue (pun unintended). On a whim, she decided to spend a week on idyllic island of Crete, in the company of Alekos, a man she’s certain is an incorrigible womaniser. This trip soon turned out to be an experience of her lifetime. Not only did the island enchant her but so did Alekos. Is he really the clad she’s always thought him to be? Or could it turn out that his home is where her heart is?

* Turbulent Sea by Christine Feehan
Turbulent Sea is the 6th title from Feehan’s Drake Sisters Series. The previous titles (in chronological order) were Magic in the Wind, The Twilight before Christmas, Oceans of Fire, Dangerous Tides, and Safe Harbour, and it all revolves around the Drake sisters – Sarah, Kate, Abigail, Libby, Hannah, Joey, and Elle (youngest). Turbulent Sea is about Joey, who’s a famous singer and is the most successful of all the Drake sisters. Her voice charms any one who hears it. People adore and worship her. But someone out there, is working very hard to destroy everything she is, everything she loves and believes in. Here’s when our hero, Ilya Prakenskii, a Russian hit man, steps in to the rescue. But is he all that she believes he is? Or should he be the last person she gets close to…? (Wah lau…don’t know why suddenly all my reviews end with questions haha damn cheesy man =P)

* East of the Sun by Julia Gregson
Gregson is a captivating narrator and makes you want to take a long, slow walk on this one. It’s Autumn, 1928 and 3 young women are on their way to India, each with a new life in mind. Rose is about to marry a man she hardly knows; Victoria, her bridesmaid, is glad that she could use this an excuse to get away from her overbearing mother, and is determined to find a potential husband herself; and Viva, their amateur chaperone, is there to search for her childhood and freedom. But their hopes and dreams can do little to prepare them for what lies ahead for them in India.

* How to Survive your Sisters by Ellie Campbell
Oh, sisters! I have one and I know how it feels ๐Ÿ˜› When you have 3 others, gosh…I guess it means clash of the siblings? Natalie wants the perfect wedding, Milly longs to be able to fit into clothes other than her maternity trousers, Avril secertly dreams of settling down with an unmarried man, while Hazel, the youngest of all, wishes she can be taken more seriously. When forced together for the first time in years, all hells break lose, and all plans have to be put aside. And things started to heat up as skeletons crawled out of the rather crowded MacLeod closet…(eerie music in the background =P)

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