7 days more…

I’m sweating nerves here…it’s 7 days more to my wedding and we still have so much to do! Let’s take a look at the checklist:

1) Home – not done; one of the bathroom door is getting fixed now, husband is painting the gate, pictures yet to be framed, bedspread yet to be bought, curtains yet to be fixed…

2) Restaurant – ok, believe it or not, this restaurant has no proper changing/makeup room. So…I still haven’t got the faintest idea where on earth am I going to get dolled up for the ‘wedding runway’ 😛 Any one of you attending my wedding dinner, please be prepared for surprises! HAHA

3) Accessories – So, I’ve not bought a single accessory yet, to go with my wedding and dinner gowns Why? ‘coz I CAN NEVER SEEM TO FIND THE TIME! Wth am I going to wear with my wedding gown, I have no idea. This is kinda freaking me out now….Oh damn, which reminds me…I need to get a white pair of shoes!!! *faint faint*

4) Gown fitting – Yep, I have yet to get my measurements done. (So what am I doing here updating my blog??! Well…let’s hope we have the time to do the measurements after hubby’s done with the gate)

5) flower girl – for the church wedding…I have not picked anyone yet…Maybe I’m just gonna do some talent scouting at the streets later, and say, ‘hi little girl, you look pretty. care to be my flower girl this saturday??’ then hand her a lollipop.

6) guest list & seating arrangements – I’m proud to announce that this is the only one which I’ve successfully completed, coz….ALL MY INVITED GUESTS ARE COMING! *big grin* *hip & hop* (Let’s hope it turns out that way on the actual day)

Ok I’m not going to continue with the list coz it’s kinda freaking me out. (I could really use a fairy godmother now…) K peepz, I’m off to brace the ‘storm’!

btw, have I told anyone that wedding preparations are worse than getting last minute assignments at work????

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