I’m Going Crrrraaazy!

Okay…b4 you think that I’ve abandoned this blog, I better write something 😛 Let me keep you up to date on what’s happening now and why you are ‘reading’ lesser and lesser ‘stories’ and see only all these cut-and-paste events (which I think are equally important as well :P).

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m organising a little book donation this Christmas and since time is against me, I’ve gotta quickly get as much help as possible to organise the gathering of books from various donors, collecting and sorting out the books, and choosing the appropriate homes to donate them to.

I know it sounds really easy and all…but trust me, it isn’t. Especially when it comes to organising, planning and executing (something which I suck at!), and thinking and…having to juggle all these with work at the office is driving me nuts!!

So now that you know…I’m off to bed! Catch you soon…! Oh ya…btw, my wedding’s over….pics can be seen in my facebook 😛

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