An Afternoon @ PJ Shelter Home

The book donation went well! Hurray! My parents, my hubby and I were there at about 12.30pm. There were 15 children altogether, and they were a jolly bunch! Most of them were really friendly, jovial and pretty hyper 🙂 Only one or two of the boys who were quiet and reserved. The boys played “sticks” while the rest were busy talking and playing.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the caretaker, Visa (If I heard/remembered her correctly), who briefed us a little on the kids. Generally, the kids there have been abused, neglected and raped. Yes, raped, even as young as 4 years old. Visitors are advised not to ask them any personal questions. Anyway, when Visa rang a bell, a bunch of them came downstairs quite immediately and greeted us with “Hello Aunty/Uncle/Brother/Sister.” Some shook our hands and greeted us Merry Christmas!

My hubby with my fav Burmese gal (on the left) 🙂

We managed to chat with a few of them while we were there. There were two of them who loved my hubby’s camera. So they busied themselves with it and snapped a few “blurry” pictures haha One of the girls was really cute. She was the youngest there. A Burmese. A fair child, short hair and very mischievous 🙂 But I kinda liked her hehe

All of these kids will go to Shelter 2 (females) and Shelter 3 (males) after turning 12. When they turn 18, they will have to live on their own. Some of the luckier ones, will be taken back by their parent(s).

I am glad this trip is successful. Now, I’m just hoping that they’ll like the books. Should have asked for a number to check on them once in awhile, or maybe, I’d just pay them another visit?

the books donated

Special thanks to my parents, 8th uncle & family, Pansing and Andrea 🙂

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