To Blog or Not To Blog…

I just spoke to a dear friend on the phone today who truly inspired me. We’ve known each other for not too long, but we work in the same industry, so we share some common interests. Chatting with her today has really inspired and motivated me to keep this blog going. (Not that I was planning to end it or whatever lah haha) But sometimes I do question myself; Why on earth am I doing this? Not that it has a group of followers like some other blogs…or am I paid to do this.

See, keeping a blog alive isn’t easy, especially when you’re tied up with other things. You need commitment. And you don’t earn a single sen from this, unless of course if you’re some famous blogger who’s paid to travel and write stuff, and your visitors are by the thousands per day. My brother always says, “Ay I think you should follow their style lah. Write what people wanna read.” And I’d always give him the same answer, “What they want to read isn’t what I like or want to write about.” And apparently, the stuff I like to write don’t interest many people.

So it does sometimes feel kinda stupid. When I blog, I do feel like I’m talking to myself at times haha except when my crazy frenz comment stuff on the chat box. That really make my day! 🙂

Crap I’m digressing.

Back to topic. Anyway, today, my dear friend asked me, why I don’t keep a visitors counter. I told her I did, but decided to take it out, because once upon a time, a friend gave his two cents worth, “Ay you put counter ah…it’s a double edge sword la. Good when you have a group of followers and you can ‘show off’. But what if you have only like a few of them? Not embarrassing ah?” After giving it a thought, I decided to take it out. Coz yeah, it is kinda embarrassing if people say: Huh? This pathetic blogger only have like 10 visitors per day? Laugh. Laugh.

Then she asked me, “But does it matter to you? Why did you set up this blog anyway?” I told her, “To write what I’m passionate about and to share it with others. So yeah, why should it matter whether this blog has many followers or not.”

I was really touched when she told me she follows my blog regularly, and it made her get in touch with reading again, and to also check out Murakami’s stuff 😉 (woopee!)

So at the end of the day, I guess that’s what truly matters – to share my passion with the people I love, in the hope that it’d make a difference in their lives as it did mine 🙂

Thanks LS, for you inspired this *huggz*

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