Pleasant Surprises

I had had such a great day today and am really excited to share it with you. All thanks to being a book lover! (Yes, this is my 2nd experience; the first being at a birthday party.)

Today, my hubby decided to bring me to SS2 Murni for lunch, since I heard the food there was great and kept pestering him to bring me there. So we ordered our drinks and I decided to order this weird-sounding food (forgot the name), then was told, ‘Oh, Western petang baru ada’ (Western food only available in the evening). I was soooooooo…extreeeeeemely disappointed! My hubby felt even worse, coz he’d have to bring me here again! (And he doesn’t really like coming here at night 😦 ) So…I just drank my Milo kosong panas (plain hot Milo). Sulking, I tried hard to put in positive thoughts like: ok, at least now I know they serve Western food only at night. (the monk book

Then a petite lady, wearing something which looked a little like samfu, only her pants were 3/4 if I remembered correctly, passed me by, and sat at a table across ours, her back facing me. As she sat down and placed her food on the table, she took out something which caught my attention immediately. It looked as though a bright light was shining at it from above! Yes, SHE TOOK OUT A BOOK! This is seriously a rare sight I tell you. Especially in SS2. I was so excited and told my hubby I wanted to go and say Hi to her.

First he said, no, coz we were about to leave. Then I asked him, if we needed to go anywhere, he said no. So I said, ‘Then, I want to go and say hi.’ And so, I did! 🙂

I was praying hard she won’t shoo me away, because when I greeted her with ‘Hi (with a big grin on my face) I noticed you were reading just now, and I love books,’ she looked at me rather disdainfully.

Then I said something like, ‘Oh, I’m not trying to sell anything. Just that, I love reading too and I’m reading (I showed her the Monk book). Then, to my relief, she smiled.

I found out she’s a book lover like me too! She said she usually brings a book with her everywhere she goes, and I replied enthusiastically, ‘ME TOO!’ (Almost jumped off my seat!) She told me later that she’s an English and Literature lecturer in a private college in Subang Jaya. Oh oh, and….SHE THOUGHT I JUST GRADUATED FROM UNI! LOL! 😀

After exchanging pleasantries, I apologised if I shocked her earlier on (saying Hi to a stranger all of a sudden, and being friendly, is not very ‘Malaysian’ if you noticed :P). She said, ‘No. Not at all. It was really nice of you to come and say hi,’ she smiled. She was probably in her 60’s, and a very well-spoken lady too. We ended up exchanging numbers and email addresses. Isn’t that awesome? 🙂

**** Part 2 ****

So that was part 1. It was really hot today, so after our lunch, we headed back. My hubby took a different route home to avoid the heavy traffic, or so I thought, because we ended up at another place. I asked him if we were stopping there coz he needed to buy something. He said no, and started walking ahead of me. I got so pissed coz it was hot, and I wanted to go home AND COMPLETE THE MONK BOOK! Then as we walked further, we passed by the old Lim Kok Wing building, and when I looked inside, I SAW SALES….MAGAZINES & BOOKS SALES. Then as we walked further, I saw this make-shift signboard: MPH WAREHOUSE SALES UP TO 70%!!!

I was elated, thanked him immediately, passed him my Monk book I was clutching just now, and headed in for my BIG HUNT 😀 I picked up quite a few books and was about to pay for them when I saw………

THE WHOLE COLLECTION OF A Series of Unfortunate Events by LEMONY SNICKET for…..only……

RM336.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL HARDCOVER! With ALL THE ILLUSTRATIONS!

…I was in a dilemma: Buy all, or buy only the collection?

Due to my vow to tighten my belt, I bought only the collection, since I had been wanting to buy it ever since I saw the movie and read the first series.

I left the warehouse happy and satisfied heeeeeee (big grin)

** the end**

I hope you enjoyed your Saturday as much as I did. If not, try to make your next an enjoyable or memorable one by doing something different (nothing against the law pleease :P) because life is really full of surprises! and you only live once!

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