Thanks Shalline…

To my dear friend,

Thank you so much for meeting me and my husband today. I’m glad we get to catch up! 🙂 Talking to you has always been fun, and now, we have Phil to talk crap with too! haha Ben and I really enjoyed our evening.

I’m sure we’d get to meet again. But this time, it shall be in Melbourne. What say you? 😉

Also, I’d like to thank you for sharing with me The Secret. Honestly, I didn’t quite like the book. After flipping a few pages, I just put it aside and thought that it was a whole lotta bull HAHA But….when I watched the DVD, the experience was amazing…And I realised too, in some ways, it’s true. We attract what we want to attract. Our minds are really that powerful, huh? 🙂 (Did you know that I’ve long dreamt of going to Maldives and had had one of the islands in Maldives as my wallpaper before? It had came true :))

Those who didn’t manage to read The Secret, try get a hold of it. Psst…MPH giving great discounts now hehe

But if you’ve read it and didn’t enjoy it, maybe you’d want to try watch the DVD instead 🙂

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