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I judge a book not only by its cover but also by recommendations (from sources who know me well ;)) These are some of the books which came highly recommended by friends.

1) Totto Chan – Read and Loved It! 4/5 stars
2) Oscar and the Pink Lady – Read and Loved it! 3/5 stars
3) The Bartimaeus Trilogy – Reading (and loving it more each day)
4) The Art of Happiness – Read 2.5/5 stars (Probably coz it’s non fiction :P)
5) Pride and Prejudice – Read and Enjoyed it Immensely! 3/5 stars
6) The Monk who Sold His Ferrari – Read 2.5/5 stars
7) My Sister’s Keeper – Read and Loved the dramatic storyline 4/5 stars

And recently, a friend of mine recommended these to me, all by Pearl S. Buck:
1) Pavilion of Women
2) The Time is Noon

Anyone read them before?

Shall look out for them soon! Thx Mah 😉

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