Little Face by Sophie Hannah

A mom returns home from the gym, looks for her baby in the nursery and finds that the baby isn’t hers. She goes berserk and starts to suspect that her baby has been swapped for another. Nobody believes her, not even her husband. They think she’s just suffering from post-natal depression. It is one-against-the-world battle for her, until when a previous family murder case unravels that people around her begins to wonder what the truth is.

‘Little Face’ is certainly not her best. I personally preferred her ‘Hurting Distance’ which was thrilling, disturbing and full of unexpected twists and turns. Unlike this one, you could easily tell who the devil in disguise is and foresee the plot. The storytelling rhythm was draggy to a point of exasperating. Don’t bother guessing the ending, because it’s exactly what you’d expect. (Well, close enough for me :P) By the way, the ending is disappointing!

My verdict? 2 out of 5 stars.

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