Small Wars by Sadie Jones

The story, set in the 50’s, is pretty straightforward. It’s about a couple whose marriage is strained due to war. Husband tried to do his best at work, so wife felt deserted, yet had to maintain an unaffected, bold front. Although this book has received rave reviews, I didn’t really enjoy it. There were hardly any interesting characters, except probably Clara who was suffering in silence. I did quite like Davis too, but he somehow disappeared towards the end of the story.

Ok, I have not read ‘The Outcast’, so don’t hate me if I tell you I did not like ‘Small Wars’. I was dragging my eyes to read passage after passage of dry, boring, emotionless sentences. I just couldn’t wait to finish it. *Yawwn*

But if you’ve read and enjoyed it, pls feel free to share your opinion/review with me 🙂

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