The Chimney Sweeper’s Boy by Barbara Vine

Gerald Candless, a famous author, has just died of a sudden heart attack and is survived by his wife, Ursula, and his two daughters, Sarah and Hope, whom he loved dearly. After his death, Sarah embarks on a memoir of her father, only to end up finding out her dad’s true identity, which isn’t Gerald Candless. She assigns a college student, Jason Thague, to help her out with her research. The entire story revolves around digging up her dad’s roots and why he changed his identity.

I was really expecting something more out of this book since it was categorised a ‘thriller’. But I found it too draggy. It could have been better if shortened. Hmm…tell you what. Just turn to the final chapter of the book and you’ll find out why Gerald Candles (real name John Ryan) changed his name and identity. See what I mean? 🙂

Verdict? 1.5/5 stars

Price: RM15 (Bought it at the Penguin & Pearson book sales. Sorry Xuan, really don’t know the real price 😦 )

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