Among Thieves by David Hosp

This story is based on the largest art theft in history where an estimated value of $300 million were stolen from a museum in Boston in 1990. Till today, this case remains unsolved.

In this book, it starts with Devon Malley being imprisoned after getting caught from stealing at a woman’s boutique. So he hires lawyer Scott Finn and his team, Koz and Lissa, to fight for his case. But we’ll soon discover that Devon is part of a really big heist i.e. the art theft.

In a nutshell, I found all the characters too weak. Thank goodness the plot was good enough to make me turn the pages! Honestly, I much prefer Brown’s Fat Tuesday to this.

Verdict? 2.5/5
Price? Hmmm must go search for my price list. Again! 😦


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