RIP, Salinger

The novelist, well known for the iconic The Catcher In The Rye, died on January 27th 2010, aged 91. What a great loss to those who’ve enjoyed some of his published works.

I’ve only read The Catcher In The Rye (reviewed it here: which I loved. As reported in AFP, the author’s death has reignited speculation over whether he may have left behind some valuable works which could be published posthumously.

Salinger did reveal in a 1980 interview with the Boston Sunday Globe that he was still producing – albeit not for an audience.

I loved what he said: “I love to write, and I assure you I write regularly. But I write for myself and I want to be left absolutely alone to do it.”

A great author who rejected fame and fortune. And yet there are so many writers out there struggling to get noticed, to get published, to get their stories made into movies. Did you know there have been many attempts made to film The Catcher In The Rye? (Even Steven Spielberg!) But each time they were rebuffed by Salinger.

My hats off to this novelist, whose intention to write is so pure, but, so…selfish to an extent? I mean, great stories should be shared right? Look at how much his Catcher has affected people from all walks of life! Despite the profanities and vulgarities, people could connect to dear Holden.

But then again, being recognised for one’s great works would boost or burst the ego, and would automatically create this want/need within the artist to please his/her audience. This hunger to please, will slowly eat one up (Maybe that’s why so many great artists turn to drugs?).

I think an artist would and could be more true to his works, and ‘happier’ when left alone. Because pleasing oneself is hard enough, what more the world! And Salinger knew he’d be happier left alone. (Probably that’s why he could live till 91!) Hmm…but if Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson had followed Salinger’s path, I guess we might not had been able to see their great works, huh…? So this means one can only choose to be either: blardy rich, blardy famous and make their fans happy (and never be left alone), or be not so rich and not so popular, but at peace…Hmmm….Tough choice, if you ask me.

Well, I hope Salinger had been happy with his choice and had lived his best years (I think he had:…Let’s hope his 15 unpublished stories could be released!

An interesting article here:

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