Popular Book Fair Not That Fair

Okay, if you’re planning to go to the recent Popular Book Fair, please be very wary of the prices, because some of the prices weren’t correct, maybe due to human error, I’m not sure, because my mom spotted it and she only mentioned it to me when we came home.

My mom told me one of the cookbooks (Yum Yum) was priced at RM15, and a 20% discount was given, so the book was RM12 after discount. She remembered paying lesser than RM12 for this book, but wasn’t quite sure. When we came home, she double-checked and realised, that the price should be RM10 (printed on the book itself, as shown in the picture. Yeah, it’s really blur coz the print is small), not RM15 (as stated on Popular’s price tag on the book). This has happened before when my mom bought a female magazine, and Popular tagged it at RM8, when it should be lower (as printed on the magazine, but my mom didn’t notice it. If I recall correctly, this happened a few years back), and gave a 20% discount.

I’m just putting this up just so you know. I would bring it up to the management if I were to go there again and if the error has not been corrected. If you’ve experienced the same thing, please let me know? Thanks!

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  1. Deviki says:

    hey thanks for the good tipYeah i got that problem ones but that one was during the Mines book fair …..i felt so sad when i noticed it too late huhuh


  2. A Bookaholic says:

    Hi Deviki, no problem! Sorry to hear about your experience at the Mines book fair. I think the next time we encounter such problems, we shd just bring it up to the management right away…If not, they'll juz continue doing what they do, hoping we'll never notice…Sigh…


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