Fantastic, Gorgeous Book Covers!

Good book covers are attention grabbers, great icebreakers, and make great, affordable collector’s items. Imagine how they’d looked on your shelf (Assuming they have nice, gorgeous spines too)! Once, I was so taken by this book that this lady was reading because of its cover that I went over to the lady and asked what she was reading. Can’t remember the title, because it was too long haha 😛

As I mentioned, book covers are great icebreakers. As you can see how Chris Cleave’s The Other Hand saved me from being known as an anti-social!

When I read a book donned in a beautiful cover, I feel proud strutting it with me haha Oh have I mentioned, I love books that are printed on good paper material (read recycled paper) as well? Hehe

For more of these gorgeous covers, go to The Book Cover Archive (thanks for the link, Izam!), and the ones here, are some of what I liked 🙂 (Some I like it for their concept, some the idea, and some, purely aesthetics :))

What’s your favourite book cover?

And here…I spotted some similarities….Coincidence, maybe?

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