A Delicious Double Book Launch!!

I must go for this! Why? I’m a fan of Amir Muhammad’s writings 🙂 He’s funny, witty, intelligent, and he’s such a great storyteller! 🙂

If you’re reading this, and would love to go, let’s meet there!! 🙂

The launch details are as below:

ZI Publications presents …

“ROJAK: Bite-sized stories” by Amir Muhammad

“TAPAI: Travels & Guilty Pleasures of a Fermented Malaysian” by Hishamuddin Rais.

Date: Saturday, June 12th, 2010
Venue: the Annexe, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur.
Time: 12.00pm

About the Books
— – — – — – —

ROJAK – This is not a recipe book. This is a collection of very short fictional stories. The taste can be sweet, juicy, spicy, tart, or crunchy! The flavours of Malaysia, in fact. So if this book could talk, it would say: “Bite Me.”

TAPAI – In an age where food has become entertainment television, the wit and wisdom of Hishamuddin Rais is like a proper kitchen knife – always sharp. This wandering bon vivant and former Malaysian exile does not (yet) have his own TV show, choosing instead to record his amazing adventures in writing. This lovingly handpicked collection from his column Tapai in Off The Edge magazine presents a way of looking at the world beyond our food fetish and its lifestyle trappings.

Rais’ grand unified theory of everything links his life on the lam with more recent encounters: a seedy café in Pudu, Christmas in Bangladesh, stalking Akira Kurosawa (posthumously), working in soup kitchens, and discovering a place that sells diamonds and nouvelle cuisine. That’s just for starters. In between this all, he warps time to meet the Darai of the band that accompanied the raising of the Jalur Gemilang on 31st August 1957, amongst other wonderful people.

Naturally, lusty food marks this ageless hippie’s quest: mutton and duck stew Acehnese-style, Ramly burgers, foie gras, truffles, oysters, caviar.… Rais takes the reader on a life-affirming trip that nourishes the soul, like the best tapai in ferment.

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