What do you think of book trailers?

Have you seen any book trailers lately? I’ve seen quite a few – Gaiman’s Instructions, and Nicholl’s One Day (didn’t like this). And lately, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters hehe Seems like book trailers “are now an essential part of any marketing campaign for a big-hitting new novel.

They’ve only been around for a short time – the first one was for Christine Feehan’s paranormal romance novel Dark Symphony in 2003 – but they have just acquired the ultimate seal of pop-cultural approval: their own awards ceremony.

The US publisher Melville House held the inaugural Moby awards recently for the best – and worst – in the book trailer industry, held in true awards-style with a glittering red carpet evening at a New York hotel.” Read the rest here.

Yep, you read that right. Book trailers and awards ceremony! Not sure if this will merely be a fad or something that’d last for a long while, but I’d enjoy it while it lasts heh ;P But seriously, what’s the point of a book trailer? Will anyone purchase a book purely based on a good trailer? I’m not the sorta person who judges a movie by its trailer…so in this case, the same applies for me. But, I think it’s something quite fun to produce! 😉

So, bought any book recently based purely on a trailer? Do you think it’d affect a purchase at all?

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