Came across this article on Neil Gaiman’s tweet:
On Saturday 5 March, a million books were away across the UK in the first ever World Book Night. Writers were asked which books they give as gifts and which they’ve been most pleased to receive. And children’s authors recommended books to give to children.

Find out books that famous authors like Mark Haddon, Margaret Atwood (the book which also inspired the creators of World Book Night) and Neil Gaiman often give as gifts, books that AS Byatt gives his granddaughter (Angela Carter’s anthology Wayward Girls and Wicked Women is one of them), PD James who doesn’t have a favourite book giveaway ‘as each book has to be chosen individually for the recipient’ (totally agree with you PD James! :)), Hari Kunzu’s current book fetish and many more 🙂

I love what Margaret Drabble wrote about Dr. Seuss: The best book I’ve ever been given is the complete six-volume edition of Van Gogh’s letters last Christmas, but the book I kept on giving to my grandchildren when they were small was Dr Seuss’s The Sneetches (HarperCollins). I gave them all lots of copies until I was told to stop. I loved this book so much, I wanted them to love it too. Dr Seuss is so amusing and egalitarian and free-thinking and so unlike all the more respectable English books I was given and liked as a child. Green Eggs and Ham was pretty good too, but the Sneetches were best. They should be compulsory reading for all warring nations.

I’m gonna hunt you down The Sneetches!! 😀

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