Decatur Book Fest 2012

It has been a loooonnnnggg while since this blog’s been updated…One of the reasons, well, I haven’t had any luck in reading a good book. I thought I’d have some luck with Wicked by Gregory Maguire (Fantasy), hoping it’d be as yummy as The Bartimaeus Trilogy, but I was wrong. I have problems finishing the last chapter now…Argghhh…

Ok, so what’s new? As stated above, the Decatur Book Fest 2012 that was held recently in Decatur, GA from Aug 31 – Sept 2. And I’ve gotta check it out. My hubby and I took the train and to no surprise, there were big crowds in every station! One, because there was a football match. Two because there was also a big event – the Dragon Con that was happening in the same weekend. (My hubby and I will definitely check out Dragon Con next year, with me in COSTUME! Muahahaha)
So was the Book Fest good? I can’t say it wasn’t because books were sold at rock-bottom prices from as low as $5!! Of course I bought a few haha I was really tempted to get more children’s books, but had to resist it due to space in our current place.
Decatur Book Festival 2012 (Aug 31 – Sept 2)
See that?? ALL BOOKS $5!!! Checked the books.
All in almost-perfect condition… 🙂                                          
These ‘bird-houses’ are placed outside homes or anywhere you
like, with books in it. The idea is, you take a book and replace
it with another book of your own. An interesting way of
doing a book exchange 🙂
A closer look at the Little Free Libraries 🙂
The Type Rider has a very interesting story to share. Read below.
Kids trying out a writing tool which has been
replaced by a keyboard.
Get 3 for $8 here!!! And some really good cheap
children’s books which I was sooooo tempted to buy!!
The 3 For $8 was one of the most popular tents.
Another highlight for me was meeting the author of one of all-time favorite books, The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern. Oh yes! SHE WAS THERE! :)) Went for her reading. Pictures as follow.
A very punctual lady indeed :)) 
This was just half of those who came. It was full by the time
the reading started!
She read one of her favorite chapters on Bailey,
Poppet and Widget
By the way Erin, this is my 3rd The Night Circus haha
The other 2 are in storage till we get a permanent place 🙂
Yay!! A photo and autograph! Mission ACCOMPLISHED!
Thanks Erin! :))
By the way, the queue was super long! I waited for almost 2 hours!
I can’t wait to see the author line-up for next year! :)) And…I’m DEFINITELY gonna watch The Night Circus when it’s out :))
Meanwhile, I can’t wait to finish Wicked. It did have some really good reviews, but honestly, I’m not enjoying it so far. I had high expectations of it due to its rave reviews.

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