Flight: A Novel by Sherman Alexie

Title: Flight: A Novel 

Author: Sherman Alexie
My verdict: 5 stars
Highly recommended!
Ever wondered what’s it like to really walk in the shoes of others? In this book, Zits (an angry, lonely, 15 year-old half Native American, half Irish orphan), did. Influenced by his new-found friend, whose name is, coincidentally, JusTice, Zits set out to rob a bank, with the intention to hurt and kill, to pay back for all the pain and disappointment the society put him through. This incident literally changed his life. 

As soon as he pulled the trigger at the bank, he went on an unexpected time-traveling journey. He walked in the shoes of an FBI agent during the civil rights movement, a mute Indian boy during the Battle of Little Bighorn, an Indian tracker, an airplane pilot. 
This journey, while baffled him at times, also allowed him to find himself; to see and experience the love and kindness, hate and anger, and the choices made and what became of them, at the same time battling with his own thoughts and emotions. Did they make the right choices? What would he do if he were the one having to make those choices?  
My thoughts
I felt Zits’ angst, sadness and confusion all at the same time. I find his journey of discovery, of God showing him there’s hope, there’s love, there’s kindness amidst all these chaos in the world, was so surreal that he somehow came to terms with his life. He surrendered to the fact that he needed help; that he can’t continue to find love with hate, that he’ll keep hurting if he hurts, that he is what he makes of himself. 
The story has a beautiful ending. A powerful one I must say. I cried a pool of tears. I sobbed. And sobbed. 
Mr Alexis writes so simply yet beautifully, with so few words that pack a punch. Looking forward to reading more of his books!

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