‘Zeitgeist’ provokes the mind….


This, my friend, is one of the must watch documentaries of the year. I just came to know about it thru my bro. It is a very interesting documentary, I must say. It’s a non-profit movie/documentary/film distributed for free. You can download it online.

Zeitgeist (pronounced as: saItgaIst) is a German word for ‘spirit of the age’, literally translated as time (zeit), spirit (geist). This documentary centred on three parts, and pretty much sums up how the human population is enslaved in these 3 parts – Christianity, 911 and the Central Bank.

Watching this, I began to question myself, if all these are true, then aren’t we all living in a world of lies? Or is there no such thing as the truth? And they say, the truth will set you free. So if there’s no truth, there’s no freedom. Hmmm…Friends,….this means, we’re all prisoners! Prisoners to who…? Watch it….watch it and you’ll know what I mean….

Well…I don’t know about you, but I still believe that Jesus Christ exists, that the whole 911 thing may be a conspiracy, a staged-war, and that the central bank owners are the richest, greediest, meanest, blood-sucking, b******s on earth. And all the ‘leaders’ can think of is power, greed and world domination. Their goal is to ‘unite’ us as ‘one’ so that they can take away our liberties and control our lives.

So. What am I going to do about it? Hmmm pray and hope that we’ll all learn to love. It’s an easy word to say, but to nurture it in our hearts and show it without discrimination,…that’s tough, don’t you think? God teaches us to love our enemies. But can we? Imagine this world filled with love….(Not that it’s really possible now, especially with what the media is doing to our minds and implementing ‘fear’ in us…but imagine…what love can do)

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