A very weird dream….


So, if you’ve read what I wrote on Zeitgeist, good. If you’ve seen it, even better. Now, I have even something weird to share. Some of you may know, that I’m a newly born Christian. And I must admit,…I am not the type who goes to church every weekend, read the bible everyday, and talks about him to everyone I meet and force them to go to church.

I’m the ‘relax’ type haha 😛 I don’t force myself to go to church. I go, well, only when my bf is around. Yeah…not a very good example. So, when dreams of Jesus appear, I dun think it’s coz I think of Him alot 😛

So. anyway. back to my story. I had had some dreams before…Most of them, the ones about Jesus, I can remember. Don’t ask how I know it was him. I just know. Anw, the latest dream was this. He came in my dream and sorta told me that He’s the Only God and no others. That was the message…but I’m not too sure if those were the exact words, but I’m certain of the message.

When I woke up, I thought, hey the dream is kinda weird. I never doubted His existence, so why that message? So I kinda, put it aside….until today…

When I saw Zeitgeist, only then I realised why that message came to me…My faith would’ve been ‘shaken’ if not coz of that message. That fact that He appeared in my dream, with that message, in such a timely manner, reconfirms my believe of His existence. I mean, how else could you explain the reason for that dream? And no, I didn’t think of Him, or talked about Him, or read about Him prior to my sleep. There’s no other rationale to this, except, He exists. FYI, I never ever, in my entire life, had had such dreams before.

I’m thankful for that message.

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