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Dear friends and family,
I just managed to check my email today and this is one of the many emails which I thought I should share with you.

From: Ju Lin Ong <>To: Friday, 4 July, 2008 11:57:24 AMSubject: [WomensCandidacyInitiative2] Everywoman taken off air

Dear friends,

As you know I am part of the team producing the first International women’s program out of the Middle East with Al-Jazeera English.

From July onwards, Everywoman has been taken off air because of a directive from above. Many of our viewers have written in support of Everywoman, – a show that gives voice to women all over the world especially women in the Middle East and Asia.

I have done a few Malaysian stories, one of which held the highest youtube hits of all Al-Jazeera programs – namely on the Apostasy case – Revathi who was denied access to her child and Hindu husband because she converted from Islam to Hindu, and others – coverage for Mak Bedah and the Women’s Candidacy Initiative, Dr Jemilah Mahmood, president of Mercy, writer Dina Zaman, child sexual abuse in Malaysia, and the crime of rape and sogit punishment in Sabah.

Please find some time to write in to support a program that gives a platform for women’s voices. You may email to me and I will collate and forward your concerns to the top bosses in Doha.

Here are some of the feedback from others:

Thank you very much,


Everywoman programmes on youtube:

If you have the time, click on that link and view some of the episodes. And you’ll begin to realise how important they are in educating many of us, especially women in the Middle East and Asia. In response, this is my email in support of this program.

Dear Everywoman team,

I think you guys did a great job on Everywoman. Many of us, Asians especially, need to learn the importance of standing up for our rights and knowing how to fight for them. Everywoman is one of the many ways which us can be educated on issues pertaining to women rights.

I’m glad that Everywoman covers a wide range of issues pertaining to women – from health to elections. We should not be shut out from knowing the rights that we deserve to have – the rights to knowledge, education and awareness.

We shouldn’t be told what’s good for us or what’s not. Let us decide for ourselves. As for me personally, I think Everywoman should not be stopped. Please continue with this program. It empowers us.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

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