Great Girly Giftbooks!


Jinx: RM54.90, Allie Finkle’s Moving Day RM42.90

When I was given these books to read, I didn’t think that I’d enjoy it till I read the first few pages of ‘Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls – Moving Day’.

Allie wasn’t too happy when her parents decided to move out because she has to leave her pink room behind, her best friend and start a new school at a new town. In this book, Allie sets her own rules for girls including ‘You Can’t Let Your Family Move into a Haunted House’, ‘Don’t Put Your Cat in a Suitcase’, ‘If You Get A New Best Friend, It’s Rude to Show Off About It’, and ‘Don’t Be a Braggart’. There are 16 Rules altogether. I’m sure your niece or cousin will enjoy reading about Allie’s experiences and adventures, and why she has such crazy rules 😉

Great for: girls above 8 years old. Hey, even moms can read this, to get into the minds of your teenage daughters 😉 I thought it’d be a great gift to your teenage nieces or cousins too.

‘Jinx’ has a totally different touch altogether. This book is quite a fun read. The lead character, Jinx (real name Jean Honeychurch) is a very real persona. Misfortune has always followed her all her life, which is how she got her name. She is suffering from some very painful truths that she doesn’t want brought to the light. Things like mixing witchcraft and a person’s free will.

On top of that, she is dealing with a new living situation, a new crush, a new school, and the need to finally have some good luck. Anyone, teenagers especially, even adults, will be able to empathize with the fears she faces on a daily basis, the challenges of dealing with ‘cruel’ people, with rumors, and with a very confusing ancestry.

Luckily, Jinx has style and a panache all her own and she will win you over from the very first page. There are some really great messages in this book, which is put subtly. Jinx is truly an entertaining read, something you can indulge in when you want to get out of reality 😉

Combine these books together, don’t you think it’d be a great birthday gift for a teenage girl? Correct me if I’m wrong, they still do like pink right?

The author of these books is Meg Cabot, who also wrote Princess Dairies series.

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