Shalline’s Thoughts on ‘An Hour to Live, An Hour to Love’


Shalline, my dear friend from Australia, was excited to share her thoughts on this book. Here’s what she said:

“Hey Babe,
I have read this book before when I was having problems with my ex. It was a fantastic book, lots of good teachings about what you should treasure more in life than being upset about small stuff. Many problems can be resolved by having different attitudes toward a ‘problem’.

So much sorrow can be resolved by simple understanding and forgiveness…. they can be resolved by making someone smile and you smile with them… Life is short… We never know what is around the corner. Always treasure the people around us like it’s our last day to live. Never regret or forget to tell someone we love them… put down your ego and pride, measure what is important other than just “ME”….

For that… I want to remind you.. you are always my best friend and I treasure you heaps!!! :)”

**blush** Thanks Shalline…that’s very sweet of you 🙂 and thanks for your friendship and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

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