Skye likes ‘Totto Chan’ because…


My friend, Skye, who claimed that he rarely reads, told me that the book which created a memorable impact on him was ‘Totto Chan’ The Little Girl at the Window by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi.

Skye says,
“Totto Chan is a simple read and it talks about the idea of education. It shows how education can change a person’s life, just by looking at a different perspective. I’d say that it isn’t an ‘addictive’ book that hooks you from the very first page, but because it’s so charming and that it’s written in short chapters, you’d finish it in no time without realising. I’d recommend it to everyone, especially to those who wants to read but can hardly find the time.”

This is one of the reviews I got from googling:
Each story is only a page or two, each a delightful narrative of how Totto-chan views the world, and how Mr. Kuroyanagi inspires the children to explore, learn, feel and have joy. There are several charcoal drawings that capture the tenderness of the stories, making us feel a part of Totto-chan’s world.

One of our favorite vignettes is the story of her losing her hat in the septic tank at the school, and proceeds to dig it out. The headmaster walks by, and after a few questions to satisfy his curiosity, and hearing her earnest explanations, he lets her continue with the simple instruction, “make sure you put it all back!”

We’ve enjoyed reading one or two stories for bedtime off-and-on for a couple of years, and almost don’t want to finish the book because it will mean there are no more stories. Totto-chan seems so real and loveable, and her headmaster is a role model for parents and teachers.

It is probably one of the most important books I’ve ever read. Not for its heady philosophy, practical instructions, or memorable quotes; but for its simple message of how wonderful life can be when viewed through the eyes of an innocent child. – Reviewed by Robert Reiser

Any one of you have this book? Can I borrow it pleeeease??

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