Ways to Live Forever by Sally Nicholls


‘Ways to Live Forever’ is written by a very young writer, Sally Nicholls. In this book, she writes about an 11 year old boy, Sam, who has leukaemia and who loves facts. He has a little project going on – writing a book about the best ways to live forever, while jotting down his thoughts on UFOs, ghosts, sciences, and even death. His best friend, Felix, calls him ‘Charles Dickens’ 🙂 Oh, Felix is one real charmer too 😉

Btw, this is one of Sam’s tips on living forever:
‘Make a Philosopher’s Stone. (You not only get to live forever, you get unlimited gold as well)’

This is the very first book, which made me smile, page after page.

Nicholls is such a genius, because even at such a tender age, she is able to use a fictional character to talk about the serious side of life with a slice of humour and innocence, and yet maintain a level of honesty about it.

For only RM39.90, it’s definitely worth it. It has a lovely cover. and the contents? as mentioned above…

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