Of Men, Manolos and…Colouring?

(Samantha’s dress is my favourite!)

My frenz, my bf and I got free tickets to watch a special screening of Sex and The City, thanks to Nuvafemme. The screening was on 24th July 2008.
I never thought that I’d enjoy SATC so much. It was entertaining, touching, interesting and inspiring (I don’t mean the clothes. I don’t like most of what Carrie wore. The bird on her head? What on earth was she or the stylist thinking? There were many others too. Another one was the one she walked into a store with Charlotte to shop for her work desk. I thought that outfit looked ghastly man. It made her look fat and pregnant! The opening dress? Hated it. But I liked what they wore when they were having their dinner at Mexico. All of them looked stunningly beautiful.)

Ok anyway, the reason I’m writing this is to respond to SATC’s review in The Star. Sorry, forgot her name, but whoever you are, I didn’t quite agree with everything you commented, but well, respect your opinion. Here’s mine:

I loved how SATC approached the ‘LOVE’ subject, and how each individual in the movie defined it differently.

Carrie: Love is sharing. She wanted to share her happiness with the rest of the world. I think the idea of ‘marriage’ got too big in her head. It all started from a ‘little’ announcement in the papers, which led to a beaaautiful designer gown, then a party of 75 which grew to 200 and not to mention, her pictures splashed all over on, none other but the famous, Vogue. While Big, on the other hand, wanted it small and cosy, because to him, marriage is about 2 individuals. (I totally agree).

Miranda (My favourite character): Love is being faithful and loyal. She loved the man in her life until one day, when he betrayed her trust. She then began to wonder, if all that she has done and sacrificed was worth the while at all, if she could let go of the bad past, forgive and forget, and move forward with their marriage, all in the name of love? But her husband, Steve, loved her dearly and kept begging her to forgive him and reminded her on their marriage vow, that their partnership is ‘for better or for worse’. And that he deserved a second chance.

Charlotte: (loved her too!): Love is a complete family. She had always wanted to have her own baby. Well, finally she succeeded.

Samantha: Love is self.
She loved herself too much that she couldn’t sacrifice her selfish needs for another person. So, she left her boy toy, Smith, for her. And she’s happy.

Yes yes, it was a happy ending. I don’t think you can end SATC without a happy ending. And yes, everything in the movie seemed to fall in in the right place at the right time. (Hey, it’s a romantic comedy lah. What you expect.)

How would I rate this movie? 3 out of 5. My bf, who has never seen SATC series at all, thought the movie was pretty entertaining too πŸ˜›

Oh two of our top favourite lines were:
‘I love to colour.’ LOL that part was hilarious!
And Charlotte’s ‘I curse you from the day you were born’ HAHAHA

The humour elements earned them extra brownie points πŸ˜‰

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