Do You Condone Abortion?


Recently a friend of mine, Lily*, sent me an SMS about her friend who sought her for help to pay part of the cost of abortion. Lily was reluctant to do so, because if she helped her, it would mean that she ‘approves’ the abortion.

If you were Lily, would you have helped? Answer is quite obvious isn’t it? A definite and a big No No! Well, people usually say, things are easier said than done.

Try put Lily’s friend in your shoes:
1) You’re Chinese
2) The unborn is a South African’s
3) You’re in your early 20’s
4) You’re hardly financially stable
5) Your parents will disown you for sure

So what good will it do you if you keep the baby? (No, don’t even rely on the dude who bonked you, coz he ain’t admitting the baby’s his.) Let’s weigh the pros and cons to make it easier.

Pros of abortion:
1) You and your life are saved.
2) Parents won’t know about it. In fact, nobody will ever know about it.
3) You can continue living like nothing has ever happened.
4) You don’t need to take care of the ‘burden’.
5) You don’t need to worry.

1) You kill an innocent life.

Logically, you should abort the baby, right?

You are right. And that was exactly what the girl did. She aborted the baby. This is a real case scenario.

Would you blame her? Would you have done the same? If you think what she did was right and reasonable, then ask yourself this:
* Do you think an innocent baby should be killed for your wrongdoings?
* Do you think you can look yourself in the mirror knowing you have killed an innocent, unborn child?
* Do you think you can live with that conscience?

This video’s quite touching. Listen to the words…

There’s always another way out. If your mind is messed up, please seek help. Consult your best friend or get proper consultation.

These numbers may be useful:
1 Stop Crisis Ctr 03 2615 3333
Befrienders 03 7956 8144
Buddies of Ipoh 05 546 7633
HAWA 03 2693 0095
WAO (Women’s Aid Organisation) 03 7956 3488
AWAM All-Women’s Action Society 03 7877 4221
Women Crisis Centre Penang – Pusat Krisis Wanita 04 228 0342

One of my friends, had this to comment: (Sun)
My secondary school used to be famous for teenage abortion. It’s always common to hear people talking about who in what class went for abortion. Not that I’m supporting abortion, but it might be alot worst when the baby is born…and the suffering may be much worse for the mother and the child.

One needs to have a strong will to go thru abortion … and a stronger mind and commitment to give birth to the baby. I’m sure it will scar the person that went thru abortion…But like you said also..there are the pro and cons of it …

I think the main point is… “it’s easier said than done”. We always know which or what is the right thing to do. But when it comes down to us making that choice, than it may be a totally different thing altogether.

Oh ya.. it shouldn’t be say no to abortion. It should be, say no to unprotected sex first. Save all the trouble before it starts!
Another friend’s comment: (Chris)
I’d very much go with the view that the price of killing an innocent life is very high for one’s own wrongdoings. Maybe some can live with it, but I don’t think I can. It’s just like a mother who loses a newborn child. Can we say that it’s ok because the child is so young and knows nothing? I don’t think we can, because we would just never know what the human life could have become.

Partly speaking from my mom’s experience, as she was supposed to have twins after me, but sadly they didn’t make it. So I tend to link this abortion thingy to that. No, she didn’t go on an abortion, just that they didn’t survive birth.

So I tend to view abortion as terminating the lives of a child who should have been alive. Meaning, those who have gone thru the pain of a miscarriage or loss of a child’s life would know best. But to a teen, it might be…’so, what…?’

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