Another Beginning…


Some of you may already know that I’ve just started my new job last Friday, 1st Aug, 2008 (Come to think of it, quite nice numbers 010808 or 188 haha) Joe, thank you for your messages 🙂

But, I’m not gonna say much about my new work place. If you noticed, I rarely bitch about work (even if I did, I’ve deleted it :P) or about stuff that I’m unhappy about, or about people that drive me up the wall.

My posts are mostly about my general interests in books, events, movies or stories which I find interesting/inspiring.

Reason’s simple: Better be safe than sorry. I don’t want any of my posts to be used against me. So to be safe, I ‘blabber’ such things in my ever reliable ‘Moleskine’. Okay, maybe I should stop labelling it as my ‘Moleskine’. (Denis may not be very happy about it :P) My little black and white ‘diaries’.

So I’m just gonna tell you this much about my new place:
1) My boss and colleagues are generally friendly and warm.
2) I have my own room (yes! haha =P)
3) I have my own air-cond (tho, I try my best to keep it switched off when it gets cold enough. I’m trying to play my part in saving the world.)
4) My job scope is pretty much the same, except there are a few new things that I’d need to learn, which I obviously don’t mind! 🙂

Yeah, that’s about it. And no, I won’t be updating any bitchy dramas here either. But if they’re too ‘delicious’, I may just write about it ‘subtly’ haha =P

Till then, have a great weekend!

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