My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult


Just when I thought I was getting bored of Picoult’s works (the storylines get pretty similar after you’ve read some of her titles), Kavita gave me this book. In it, Kavita wrote, ‘Each word was infused with lots of emotion.’ And she’s right.

‘My Sister’s Keeper’ grips your heart from the very beginning and never lets it go. The plot turns and twists when you least expect. Just when you think that you know what’s coming next, it turns the other way. It makes you cringe, cry, smile, laugh, love, hate, pity. Yes, it brings out every bit of emotion that is in you.

Most importantly, it makes you question the ethical issues of parents and their children, the moral dilemmas parents face when making choices for them and whether the freedom of choice is really a good thing.

This one’s an unputdownable read. Reading it turns you into an addicted page turner. You just can’t and won’t want to stop.

Thanks for the book, Kavita….

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