The Joys of Meeting an Old Friend, and SHOPPING!

The last we met and laughed, and had a great time, I think, was about 6 years ago. Anyway, we had loads of fun yesterday, doing the stuff we used to do. Met up with other ex colleagues too. Adryan was my ex-colleague when I was working in M1, Singapore. (Refer to the previous post) Bernard was there too and Valent, who is now working in M1. Bernard hasn’t left yet, because of the money and comfort I guess haha

Anyway, we met up at Mid Valley yesterday and caught up with good ol’ times. Laughing at how we used to bitch about our bosses and customers and the walks at night, the annual dinner, etc. I can imagine, if our whole gang was there, I bet one day wouldn’t be enough for all our stories! 😀

And today too, I had to privilege of shopping with an Image Consultant who helped me create an ‘image’ I’ve never tried before haha Let me give you a quick brief on what I’ve tried:

1) The feminine girl with long, straight hair.

2) Then I chopped off my long mane, and to the shock of many of my colleagues, went for a really short crop. I was hardly recognisable at the office the next day haha (that was during my M1 days…so, it was 6 yrs back lah)

3) I grew it back long again, not because I didn’t like it, but was too lazy to go for a hair cut haha Moreover, getting a haircut in Australia was really expensive!

4) Chopped it off again when I came back. So my friends got to c me in my pixie cut haha Let’s see, that was urm…3 years back I think?

5) Again, long hair. Think this time, I managed to keep it shoulder length haha

6) Can’t stand the length, then chopped it off again haha This time, I tried Victoria Beckham’s style. Loved it!

7) Then bf not quite happy I went and chop of my long mane, and asked me to keep it long again for our wedding. So, I went and trim it, gave it a little fringe and now…I have this really ‘innocent’ girly look….which I found it hard to adapt to in the beginning haha I mean, girly? Is that even me??? You tell me lah 😛

So before Adryan came back, I told him I wanted to change my look a little. As in the way I dress bla bla. I’m not really the kind who is into what’s hot and what’s not in the fashion, but more of what’s comfy and what’s not. Ya, the practical sort.

When I go to work, and if there are no functions or events to attend, I’m usually in my baby-t and jeans – the best way to feel comfortable! Then Adryan went, ‘Wah lau…no lah, you editor must dress up abit lah. Even to work. Even if you like jeans oso, you can ‘smart it up’ a little what…’ And his friend, a personal image consultant, Roger, said the same thing. So anyway, that is the jeans story. Back to my ‘change’ of look story.

So we went around, hunting for some good stuff lah. Somehow, Roger could tell I liked the ‘bohemian’ sorta look, and he was right. I used to dress up that way when I was working in M1. Ah…missed those days haha But now, due to some changes in ‘lifestyle’ I changed to the boring plain colours – black, white, grey, and no prints 😦 Which is very very NOT ME.

And, we found a really really nice dress in MNG, great prints, great handkerchief cut, but…NO NEW PIECE! and it wasn’t even on sale! I was quite disappointed lah. But well, if it’s not yours, then it’s not yours.

So, we went looking for other stuff. Then I told them, I love Topshop but never could afford it ever since I came back to Malaysia (I used to buy their stuff when I was in SG!). We went in, looked around, and Adryan saw this dress, very 70’s like. The moment I saw it, I thought it was really pretty, but not very me (well because I’ve never tried on a piece like that before!), and….it looked kinda…short haha I’ve always hated my thunder-thighs!

But knowing Adryan, who wouldn’t easily let me off with my, ‘Aiyoh! No la! So short! I have thunder thighs leh!’ and with the help of the also persistent, Roger, I gave in. When I came out of the dressing room (at first, I peeked out from the wall and only showed them the top half of the outfit haha) and saw the look on their faces, I somehow could tell, I looked different and they thought it really went along well with the rest of my features, yep, including my thunder thighs 😛

After seeing that, Adryan picked me another dress, a cut similar to what I tried, but different design. I loved it when I first saw it (in fact, both Adryan and I spotted it even before I put on the 70s dress), but I told him it was too short for me. However, after seeing how I looked in that 70s dress, he insisted that I tried this one too (it’s white with black polkadots). And so, I did. And….we all loved it too!

so now, decisions decisions. I couldn’t afford both. I could only buy one 😦 So…I decided on the 70’s dress. 24 hours later, today, I am still thinking of that polkadot dress. I must find ways to rid it off my mind SOON! Oh but there’s this one thing, that I wouldn’t want to ever forget, for the rest of my life is….Roger said I reminded him of Uma Thurman! (Puke and laugh your lungs out for all I care, but I’m taking it as a compliment, because I DO LOVE UMA! haha)

<<– see how hot she is?? lol

Anyway, thx guys for shopping with me. Adryan thanks for introducing me to Roger 🙂 Oh and Adryan, just so you know, you’ll forever be the Queen of Bitches! LOL 😛

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