Wine & Dine with Ed Soon

Ok, I’m just gonna make this veryshort. I’m so exhausted. Just celebrated my husband’s birthday at Chilli’s today and I know I’d have to blog about this or else, one day, I might just forget that it happened.

So yesterday, I attended this wine & dine session (cost RM295. FOC for media haha) and had loads of fun. It was my first time going for this type of wine-tasting event. Anyway, it was really an eye-opener, coz I got to learn how to pair wines with Asian food 😉 What’s better, the whole evening, I was seated right next to the famous Ed Soon, The Star’s wine columnist. He is one humble, handsome man (looks nothing like his profile picture in The Star). Really enjoyed his company. My colleague and I learnt so much! 🙂 Hey, finding the perfect match, isn’t that difficult, after all! We found ours in, like, what, 2 minutes? haha all you need is your tastebuds 😛

If you wanna know more, you can get a copy of his book, titled ‘Wine with Asian Food’. It’s an easy read, even for those who know nuts about wines, like yours truly 😛

Oh yeah, have I mentioned that the food at Tasting Room is really, very tasty??? 🙂 Go check it out (it’s just above Wine Cellar in Bangsar), or visit their web at (The picture here, doesn’t do justice to the restaurant. It’s a very nice, comfy and cosy place. Great for meetings with friends and family, with a slight touch of class ;))

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