Wine and Dine, the Asian Way

With Ed Soon’s practical methods and tips he shared during the ‘Wine & Dine with Ed Soon’ evening, I found the perfect wine which went perfectly well with the fish sauce. According to Ed (the famous wine columnist from The Star. By the way, he’s Singaporean :P), it is based on the push and pull theory, that balances the taste, making this combination so flawless.

In this book, Ed Soon and his partner, Patricia Guy (author of books on wine) share simple but great tips on how you too can find the perfect wine for your Asian dishes (and the wine doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive one!). They have organised the varied flavours that are typical of Eastern cuisines into five categories. This forms the basis of their method (It is so darn simple when you get the hang of it!) They have also examined the fundamental characteristics of a large number of wines and categorised these by style (crisp wines and dry, juicy white wines, woody white wines, etc)

This book also contains recipes for 50 classic Asian dishes that are widely enjoyed in restaurants, yet easily prepared at home. By understanding the ingredients of these dishes and why the authors recommend certain wines with it, you will begin to learn how to use the matching mechanism and be able to enjoy the pleasures of wine and dine, the Asian way!

So….da jia chi! dai ka sek! Selamat menjamu selera! Happy dining!

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