A Partying and Reading Weekend!

This was the first time, after so….long, I felt that my weekend was well spent! πŸ˜€ First, I was able to spend my Saturday night with my hubby and my bro at…..THE HENNESSY ARTISTRY @ Orange Club KL! We didn’t have to worry about the long queues and all…coz, we had VIP passes! Wooopee! And we had the opportunity to feel what’s it like to be in the ‘limelight’ and flashes of paparazzi LOL It did feel great haha but not sure if it feels the same if you get it everywhere you go πŸ˜›

Anyway, what happened was, we stood right in front of this Hennessy Artistry backdrop, and had our pictures taken by a few photographers. One of them even gave us the picture in Polaroid! heehe (Other pictures can be seen in Facebook :P) Oh and the night was superb! Especially when The Dey was on stage. I was hip hoppin’ to their stuff the whole night man….They were not only great performers but talented too! (Altho’ they draw some similarities to Black Eye Peas)

The opening was done by Until June. Love their stuff as well. The lead singer has a very versatile voice. I loved it! To me, Shayne Ward was the most disappointing one…I was looking forward to seeing him on stage, coz he seemed to have made himself quite a name here in Malaysia. Oh, and the dancers,…were HORRIGIBLE!! We couldn’t stand the sight of them, we left after the 2nd song πŸ˜› (Please bear in mind, this is based on a personal opinion k :P)

The night ended with a short session at Dataran Sunway mamak. I had a yummy plate of maggi goreng. Syoks! Hehe

And second, I’ve just completed Murakami’s “After Dark“. How was it? As usual, it was…mesmerising…It’s his usual style, surreal, dark and mysterious. The story revolves around the theme “loneliness” which reveals itself during the dark hours of the night, coz I tink, Loneliness and Darkness seem to sing a synchronised tune πŸ˜›

What kept me reading was Murakami’s story telling techniques of giving life to these characters; although they were different in many ways, they somehow shared some similarities as to how lonely they felt despite the attention that had been given to them…

Mari – is seen, to many people, as an independent girl and knows exactly what she wants. But she doesn’t think of herself that way. She thinks herself of an insignificance and wishes she has beauty like her elder sis, Eri.
Eri – possesses the beauty every girl dreams of, but yet, feels so uneasy and unhappy about herself that she succumbs to drugs. To Mari, since young, Eri gets alot of attention from the family as compared to her. Firstly because of her good looks, and now, because of her ‘sleeping’ condition.
Takahashi – a young musician, is drawn to Eri’s beauty and Mari’s brains. Coming from a broken family, he has always felt “alone” throughout his life even though his step mom accommodates to his every need. Loneliness still seems to be his best friend…

(There were some other characters which played an important role in this story as well, such as the ladies at the love ho and the man who raped the Chinese prostitute. (Personally, I don’t think it would make much of a difference if Murakami didn’t include this rapist, coz even after completing this book, I couldn’t seem to place his role in this story….Some enlightenment please, anyone?))

Don’t we all feel like them once awhile in our lives – that nobody cares for us and we’re the most insignificant being on earth? And to some extent….we feel as tho’ we don’t belong, but we only feel a little better when we’re urm…needed? Or am I only speaking for myself? πŸ˜› For example, Mari did feel a little better of herself after she helped the Chinese prostitute, because it was only then, she began to slowly open up…and that she feels,…hey I’m not alone…

That’s just my opinion of the story lah. You know how Murakami loves to leave his stories open to interpretations…So this is mine πŸ˜›

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