What and When?

Check if the below is familiar. Tick as many as possible:

* You dress according to your mood or an occasion you’re attending.
* You match your accessories according to what you’re wearing.
* Your shoes must match too.
* When you travel, you bring as many clothes as possible, so no matter what sudden occasion that may occur, you still have a few choices of clothes.

Are all the above checked? If yes, well, good, you aren’t alone, coz I’m pretty sure there are many ladies out there who can relate to the above.
But if none of the above is true to you, try the checklist below:
* You read according to your mood or occasion (e.g: going to a shopping mall – the possibility of reading when you stop at a kopitiam for a rest, you’d be happy even if it’s just a few pages. OR a function – where you know nobody else, and you know you’d have to wait. OR at a post office – where the queues are always long, ETC)
* You bring a bigger handbag because you’ve decided to bring the thick novel out with you on that particular day.
* When you travel, you bring all the possible books that you think you’d be able to read.
* You have more books than clothes in your travel bag.

If all of the above is true, YOU’RE A NERD! HAHA =P No. I’m kidding. Just shows you’re a book addict LOL But,… let me assure you, you’re not weird and you’re not alone. In fact, my biggest problem is the last two. Whenever I follow my hubby back to his hometown, I’d bring home with me at least 3 books. And most of the time, we only spend a night or two there πŸ˜› When we travel further, I’d usually bring along my short stories.

So, what’s on my list recently?
1) When I’m feeling a little dreamy and need a nice lullaby, I read ‘Birds without Wings’ (Yep, I’m not done with it yet. I just had to finish Haruki’s After Dark first :P)
2) When I want to be mystified – ANYTHING of HARUKI’S! πŸ™‚ (this happens quite frequently πŸ˜› Which is why I have one of his short stories collection on my bedside. I especially love reading his stuff at night. You’d rarely catch me reading Haruki during the day time.)
3) When I have a short attention span, it’d be my short story books. At the moment, they are: The Happy Prince and Other Stories by Oscar Wilde, 10 Short Stories by Roald Dahl (pronounced as roo-ahl), and Strange Pilgrims by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
4) Once I’m done with Birds without Wings, it’ll be between Between Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth, Tetsuko’s Totto Chan and Haruki’s Kafka on the Shore.

Please please share with me your experience if you have the same habits….I seriously hope I’m not the only one πŸ˜›

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