Fun, Entertaining and Dot Dot Dot…. :)

Have you seen Mamma Mia? If not, it’s time you hit the cinema and go WATCH IT! No, don’t watch it on DVD, you pirate! Anyway, even if you do, it won’t be good enough. If you’ve bought the DVD but haven’t seen it, don’t do it just yet. Go to the cinema, watch it there and you’ll know what I mean.

Anyway, I think the cast did a blardy good job. Meryl Streep is one helluva talented woman. I never knew she could carry roles like this. Come to think of it, what this woman can’t do??? In an interview, she says it’s ‘my hair’ LOL It seems to me, it really takes alot of hard work to sing and act well. Her acting skills are obviously flawless, her singing seems fine to me (oh yeah, most of their voices have been digitally enhanced by the way :P) and her effervescent character just livens up the whole movie…

Pierce Brosnan,….Honestly, I never really liked 007, altho I prefer him to Daniel Craig. But in Mamma Mia, he exudes such magnetic charm that’ll just take your breath away (and may I add,…no matter what your age?) His smile, doesn’t let you keep your eyes off him. He and Streep work like magic! My favourite scene of them? ‘Winner Takes it All’…it was…FANTASTIC! (I’m not exaggerating…go watch it :P)

Ooo, and I lurrrrve Julie Walters and Christine Baranski (Streep’s best friends in the movie). They are hilarious, spontaneous and such great entertainers! You must catch the scene where Streep was devastated when she found out all her 3 men are on her island…The whole cinema started roaring in laughter (yes, even the men!).

And another thing, if you noticed, most of the women here (even the extras), majority of them normal-looking women – flesh, fats, tall, short and all of that, and they looked perfect as they are. Watching this movie, sorta gives you that ‘flower-power’ kind of feeling; that women, no matter how you look, can conquer it all and have fun at the same time too.

Mamma Mia evokes every emotion in you; after 20 minutes of the movie, I said to myself, ‘Mamma Mia, just take my heart and bring it wherever your wish to…’ and I ended up sobbing, laughing, anticipating, smiling and giggling, oh and singing 😉 And I wasn’t the only one. The whole cinema was enthralled by it too. The lady next to me, was wiping her eyes with tissue throughout the movie. Yes, it is THAT good 🙂

This movie shouldn’t be missed. Put it this way, my hubby, who doesn’t fancy musical movies, gave it a 4/5 star rating.

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