To Buy…or Not To Buy?

Guess what I found while surfing?

NEW YORK ( — In a bound-to-be-controversial book released today, ad-industry pundit Martin Lindstrom busts commonly held beliefs about marketing, asserting that subliminal advertising does exist and maintaining that cigarette warning labels make smokers want to smoke more, not less.

If you’re too lazy to read the whole of it, these are some snippets from the above article:
A major finding is that consumers are driven by not only conscious motivations, but subconscious ones, too. “The majority of the decisions we make every day are basically taking place in the part of the brain where we’re not even aware of it,” Mr. Lindstrom said. “I really wanted to find out what makes one brand appeal to us. You really can’t ask that question to the conscious mind and depend on a verbal answer.”

“Buyology” also says that a brand’s logo is not as important as many have held it to be; that consumers’ sense of sound and smell are more powerful than their sense of sight; and that product placement doesn’t always work. For example, when Mr. Lindstrom’s researchers analyzed product placements in “American Idol,” they found that Coca-Cola was far more effective at captivating consumers than Ford Motor Co., even though the corporations similarly paid more than $26 million on their campaigns.

(For full article:

Here’s the video:

If you’re interested in getting the book, once you’re done with it, mind lending it to me? {grin} Thanks in advance!

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