Readings @ Seksan

Finally, for the first time, I made it to the Readings @ Seksan on Saturday, 25th Oct! It was a great, well-organised event by Sharon Bakar and Bernice Chauly. And the turn up was fantastic too. I think there were about 20 pax or so? And yes, there was food and drinks too. The cakes were yummy! The readers consist of Poetry Underground, Preeta Samarasan, Sharmini Flint and Chiew Siah with music from Reza Salleh (he’s one helluva talented musician I must say!). All the readers did perfectly well. I enjoyed listening to their excerpts.

Sharmini’s was hilarious – I think her upcoming book is called Ten, Preeta read from Evening is The Whole Day, while Chiew Siah, who’s working on her trilogy, read Little Hut of Leaping Fishes. As for Poetry Underground, I enjoyed all their poems, especially the last reader (so sorry I forgot his name) But his was hilarious! The crowd really enjoyed it. He really ended the evening with a bang. And Reza, thanks for your music. My friend Carly and I loved his 1st (it was a long, funny title. Thx to my short-term memory, I can’t remember it :P) and last song (he wrote while waiting in a traffic during our 50th Merdeka haha).

Here are some pix… 🙂 (Please forgive the quality)

From clockwise:
1) Sharon Bakar, 2) Reza Salleh 3) Chiew Siah, 4) Preeta

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