Momma says…

Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’ll get till you drop by Bubba Gump!

Yes! Bubba Gump at The Curve, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia has great shrimps! and food 😛 The place’s quaintly decorated with quotes from Forrest Gump, with signs such as “Run Forrest Run!” (to indicate you don’t need any help from the friendly waiters/waitresses whom looked ever ready to attend to your needs) and “Stop Forrest Stop!” (to indicate you need some help from the crew) placed on your dining table. Now, how cool and creative is that!

We ordered one of their shrimps specials (forgot the name but it was the one that was spicy). IT WAS YUMMILICIOUS! I had my chicken salad which was scrumptious and my hubby had his baramundi….all equally good 🙂 What lacked was the variety in their menu. But I guess that’s understandable since they’re a specialised shrimp restaurant. Besides that, the ambience was great, service was good, staff were friendly and approacable and not to mention those witty hilarious signs! I’m gonna be back to take pictures! haha

Our verdict? Bubba just won themselves two new customers! 😉

Oh yeah, please come here in a pleasant mood or else they’ll charge you $10 for having to put up with your grumpy behaviour 😛 (it was written on one of the signboards lol)

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