Christmas Reads!

Yes yes…I still am trying to squeeze in some of my free time to post up some reviews. These are some of my recommendations to keep your Christmas occupied (if you aren’t celebrating or if you happen to be an anti-social :P)

The theme? Family dramas…spicy, juicy, full of unexpected twists and turns! Will keep you home long enough to finish the book ;P

the Supper Club by Sophie King
Once a month, Lucy and her friends take turns to have a supper party at different homes. It’s a great way for them to meet up and meet new people. But as usual, nothing goes quite as planned. Lucy’s sister is allergic to her blind date. Best friend Maggie turns up unexpectedly at the same time as her cheating ex and his new girlfriend. *gasp*! Chrissy loses her appetitie when an old flame arrives, and Lucy can’t quite get rid of Luke’s ghost, still sitting at the head of the table…And more things unravel as the story continues…It’s quite a fun, and an entertaining read 😉

Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo
Two boys grow up in Thomaston, upstate New York. One of them gets away to become a painter in Italy, while the other stays to marry Sarah, and to run a small empire of convenience stores and to tell their story. Louise (aka Lucy), although seems reliable, secretly longs for what he can’t have. Now at 60 yrs old, he and Sarah are about to travel to Venice, where Lucy’s oldest friend and rival has traded past and famil for a life far removed from Thomaston. This story reveals the truth about why he left and the ties that bind these 3 friends…A deeply compelling and heartbreaking story…

Special Delivery by Zoe Barnes
Ally and her sister are as different as night and day. Ally is happily married to Luke, while Miranda is child-free, has a millionaire husband and lives in a show home that wouldn’t be out of place int he pages of House & Garden. Ally gave up trying to compete with her, but she is shocked when Miranda sought her help…That is to provide her the one thing that is mising from her almost-perfect life: a baby. Ally has every sympathy for Miranda’s infertility problems, but can shed really have a baby and hand it over to someone else,…someone who has an almost perfect life?

Growing Pains of a Hapless House-husband by Sam Holden
Be ready to be entertained and laugh your way through! In theory, life for Sam as a stay at home hubby is idyllic and stress free. In practice the Holden Childcare Programme has fallen out of favour. Sam’s days are filled with tantrums, food fights and undisclosed amounts of telly watching, and he can’t help but feel the aching tedium and financial pinch. Even the flattering advances of Jodhpur Mum aren’t enough to life his spirits. But things change dramatically when his status goes national via his own hit TV show, WonderHubby.

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