My DUH Moment

I wasn’t feeling well today so I thought I’d better visit the Doc before it worsened. (This was last week lah by the way. And it hasn’t improved at all today :P) Luckily there’s a clinic at my office’s building. (How convenient huh) So into the clinic I went. When my name was called, I went in to see the doc, and the conversation below took place:

Doc: So how can I help you?
Me: I’m not feeling well – sore throat, cough, slight flu and fever.
Doc: Wow. Let me take your temperature.
(He took my temperature and told me it’s fine)
Me: But doc, I feel feverish.
Doc: Hmm…let me take your pulse.
After which he said my pulse is beating very fast and that my body is trying to fight against the virus.

Doc: Okay, you don’t need antibiotics. All you need to do is to 2000mg of Vitamin C, get more rest, drink more water. Then you should be fine.
Me: Oh okay. Is that all?
Doc: Yes.

So out of the room I walked and towards the door, thinking the doctor was a miracle doctor and that he was one of the best doctor I had ever met! I mean, NO NEED MEDICATION?!! He didn’t even want to earn a sen from me! I was smiling to myself when I heard my name called as I exit the door. It was the nurse, saying I had not gotten my med.

I’m like huh? I told her, that the doc advised me to just take Vitamin Cs.

Then her face went quite blank, and told me that she had yet to issue me my medications. Then she called me back to the counter and asked me to wait awhile.

Later, she gave me medicine that came up to RM40.

(wah piang)

But I don’t think I was being blur lor…the doc did say that all I needed was Vitamin Cs what!! 😛

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